Birth of ‘Annapurna’

How ‘Annpurna’ project came to my mind!!!!

I was on cloud nine when I got an air of Enactus in my college. I was waiting for it with bated breathe. I left no stone left unturned to catch eyes of all to it. However soon I encountered with the crux (to dig out a project on social entrepreneurship). I had gone through the projects of most of the other colleges. I had observed a basic feature from these projects, mostly they focus on upliftment of particular class of society by selling something. I started falling back upon the project of other colleges so that I could discover a plot.i spend days and night to dig out ideas and ended up with empty hands. I found myself in mess, getting no way out and started having my dinner. I was quite annoyed with my dinner too as it cost me Rs 60 per meal and still I was not getting hygienic food and on the eleventh hour an idea stroked to my mind and see, now we are working on “ANNAPURNA” which provides spectacular and hygienic food only at -Rs50 per meal, the aroma of which I cant resist. in this project we focus on the upliftment of underprivileged women, who only know the domestic chores.
well, in this journey I have learnt two important lessons~

1. Firstly “we should not focus on selling something, instead create a reason to buy”

2. Secondly, “We should first of all focuses on individual important and basic needs, then mould the way to satisfy it for the betterment of society also”.


Shubham Kalra

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